Medical Weight Loss Program

Dr. McDonald has teamed up with Celebrate Vitamins to implement a medically supervised weight loss program. Our program (Path to Success™) is a medically supervised program that provides three options for approaching weight loss. These paths include supplement only, supplements plus food, and food only.

Medical Weight Loss program (Path to Success®)

The Path to Success program uses the latest medical weight loss technology and medical data. Plus we have access to high-quality nutritional products and FDA-approved weight loss medications only available to medical doctors.

If your weight has become a concern, caused serious health conditions, and/or you would like to reduce or discontinue certain medications, then this program may be for you.

About Your MD

Your MD is an innovative medical practice that places a high priority on patients’ time and on the quality of their medical care. At Your MD, our physician, Dr. Joe McDonald, will not rush your appointment – so you can discuss all your health issues in depth and collaborate on the best course of treatment.

Dr. McDonald is an evidence-based physician, which means that no medication is prescribed, no test is ordered and no instructions are given unless they have proven results elsewhere. Dr. McDonald favors high-quality research to offer patients clinical decision-making that reduces multiple attempts at treating the same complaint.

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