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Concierge Medicine

Typically, a primary care physician in a traditional medical practice will have a patient load ranging from 2,000 to 4,000 patients. That not only eliminates the possibility of any physician quality time, it may also be dangerous to your health: When a doctor has to limit his time with each patient, the important exchange of medical information may not take place, which could result in an incorrect diagnosis, excessive testing or even a missed condition.

Dr. McDonald is dedicated to providing comprehensive and thoughtful care to all of his patients. Over time he has learned that many people desire increased convenience and attention. For these patients he offers a high level of personalized service and physician access in exchange for a reasonable annual retainer. The high level of service is achieved through severe restrictions on the number of patient members in the practice. We do not see thousands of patients so we have the time to spend with you.

This plan is ideal for those individuals and family who:

  • Place a high value on their time
  • Have a chronic condition that requires regular attention
  • Recognize the importance of a closer physician-patient relationship
  • Appreciate the easy physician access and extra convenience
  • Want a doctor who acts as a true partner in care, directing medical “traffic” to help achieve the highest possible quality of life

When you need to see your Your MD doctor, you will. House calls, too.

As your primary care physician, Dr. McDonald acts as the gateway to all of the other medical services you may need beyond what we provide in our office. Your retainer pays for the easy access to and the convenience of our office. Additional medical services usually require additional charges.

Your MD helps you navigate the complexities of today’s medical system

Most people would agree that today’s traditional healthcare model is not acting in the best interests of patient health. It’s not because physicians and other providers don’t care, they do, but the system is working against them.

Routine medical services are available at our office. When we need to refer you to a specialist for assistance with a chronic or acute condition, you can rest assured that we have determined that the referral office is one that will treat you as a valued patient, not a time slot on a daily calendar.

We also provide you with special initial access to a select assortment of healthcare providers who want to help you achieve and maintain a high quality of life. These specialist areas of care include:

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