About Us

Why Choose Your MD?

In a traditional medical practice, patients call to make an appointment when they need care. Often, they are told that they must wait days or weeks – even months. Or they’re told that they can be “squeezed in” if there is a cancellation. When patients arrive, they sit in a waiting room, served by an indifferent staff. And when it’s time to meet with the doctor, it’s usually a race against the clock.

At Your MD, Dr. Joe McDonald takes a different approach to medical care. He has removed the barriers between you and your doctor and we improve communication, so there are no mysteries about what is being done and why. And he has added extra healthcare benefits to help ensure the well-being of your body and your mind.

Dr. McDonald is an evidence-based physician, which means that no medication is prescribed, no test is ordered and no instructions are given unless they have proven results with patients like you. Dr. McDonald avoids guesswork in favor of high-quality research to offer you clinical decision-making that reduces multiple attempts at treating the same complaint.

Illness or accidents can occur at any time. So when you need care – even at 4 am – Dr. McDonald is available to help.

Your MD has removed the barriers found in traditional medical practices and replaced them with improved availability, increased communication and access to a wide range of specialists who can help provide you with the highest possible quality of life.

Our approach is often called “concierge” medicine, but at Your MD, we give you more: more attention, more communication, more coverage. The small size of our practice gives Dr. McDonald the opportunity to treat all of our patients’ in this manner. Dr. McDonald’s goal is that all of his patients feel like concierge patients. Some patients due to busy schedules, difficult or complicated medical histories, or just preference want more. In an effort to meet these needs we have created a different level of service for those patients.

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Welcome to Concierge Plus: More Care, Less Trouble

Concierge Plus is an innovative membership medical practice that places a high priority on your time and on the quality of your medical care. We offer you prompt appointments and highly personalized service with no limit on our availability. Call us as often as we are needed.

With a membership at Your MD, you’ll get:

  • Same-day/next-day appointments when needed
  • House calls if needed
  • Little or no waiting
  • Unlimited face time with your doctor
  • 24/7 access to the physician
  • Physician cell phone number
  • Physician direct e-mail address
  • Hospital transition support, when needed
  • Additional healthcare resources including geriatric, weight-loss, nutrition and more

Call us today and make an appointment for your free consultation to learn how Your MD can make a positive difference in your medical care: 240.560.5100.

Meet the Staff

Dwayne Wells comes to us from the Midwest, living most of his life in Nebraska and Colorado. He spent part of his college career attending Colorado State University and finished school at the University of North Texas. Dwayne has a vast knowledge of business operations and customer service. He is an avid Denver Bronco fan and enjoys golf. He’s been married for 25 years and has two beautiful daughters.

Demetria Stubbs joined Your MD in June of 2015. She is a registered Medical Assistant. She adds an extra dose of happiness and thoroughness to Your MD.

About Privia Health

We are proudly part of Privia Health. Privia equips leading primary and specialty care physicians with cutting-edge resources to help us deliver outstanding, personalized patient care. That’s why Privia’s patient satisfaction scores are 2x higher than national averages. Visit their website to learn how Privia helps you take control of your care.

Healthcare, Handled

You have enough on your plate. We make it easy to message your doctor, connect to on-demand virtual care, receive appointment reminders, refill prescriptions, and get care on the go. If you see more than one doctor in our network, your entire care team has access to your medical chart so we can all work together for your health. Use the myPrivia app or patient portal to:

  • Book appointments, renew prescriptions, and access your electronic health record
  • Send and receive secure messages with your care team

Healthy for the Long Haul

You’re more than a set of symptoms. Privia champions lifelong health and wellness, inside and outside the doctor’s office. From pediatrics to adult needs, preventive programs to complex care, doctor’s visits to self-care at home – we’re here to support you on every step in your journey. Count on Privia for:

  • Collaborative, team-based medical group with leading local providers
  • Same- or next-day appointments with 24/7 telehealth for immediate care

Our Doctors Do More

You can enjoy personalized care without pricey membership fees. Privia doctors take the time to listen to your concerns, from wellness programs to chronic care management. Patients rate our providers 4.9 out of 5 for efforts to include them in decisions about their care, so you can be confident your doctor will help you understand the guidance you get, in-office or virtually. With Privia, you can expect:

  • Unhurried, comprehensive visits to develop the right care plan for you
  • Nationally recognized top physicians and healthcare professionals