Concierge Plus

Welcome to Concierge Plus provided by Your MD: More Care, Less Trouble

Concierge medicine is a type of healthcare delivery model in which patients pay an annual membership fee in exchange for access to a physician who provides a higher level of personalized service. Concierge physicians typically have smaller patient panels, which allows them to spend more time with each patient and provide more comprehensive care.

Your MD offers prompt appointments and shorter wait times: Our providers typically have smaller patient panels, which means they can offer same-day or next-day appointments and shorter wait times. This is especially beneficial for patients with chronic conditions or busy lifestyles.

If you want more personalized care: Your MD providers have more time to spend with each patient, which allows them to get to know their patients’ individual needs and develop personalized treatment plans. This can lead to better outcomes and improved patient satisfaction.

With a membership at Your MD, you’ll get:

  • Same day/Next Day appointments when needed
  • Little or no waiting
  • Unlimited face time with your doctor
  • Personal attention from our staff
  • 24/7 access to the physician
  • Physician cell phone number
  • Physician direct e-mail address
  • Hospital transition support, when needed
  • Additional healthcare resources including geriatric, dental, nutrition and more
  • If you have a family member visiting and they need medical attention, your membership covers their visit with Dr. McDonald or Deidre Fisher, CRNP